Acu PunWorld

The Acupuncture autumn-winter 2022-23 collection has once again the central theme of travel. The journey, this time, is directed to a very specific destination, a destination that concretizes and affirms the previous trips: that towards the planet of Acupuncture, called PunWorld.

The word "Pun", which is taken within the brand name has precisely a meaning of the play on words. The planet, therefore, on which this journey ends is a "dystonia" place where pun, misunderstanding and fun rule.

This environment is, therefore, a place that symbolizes the "satirical" side of human life that is denied us due to the restrictions and canons defined as "normal" imposed on us by society.

The main graphic of the collection is obviously that of the planet, from which the characteristic elements are then extracted that will serve as graphics for all the garments. PunWorld is a place where all the elements outside the canons for all those who, by choosing Acupuncture, come out of the ordinary, escape and gather.